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Every addiction starts with pain and ends with pain ~ Eckhart Tolle


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Alkoholbehandleren.dk offers private, anonymous, fast, flexible and full service substance abuse treatment / alcohol treatment / alcohol addiction counselling / alcohol rehabilitation: Life style consultations. Pre-treatment, primary treatment and after-treatment. Couples therapy, family therapy, psychotherapy to adult children of alcoholics and adult children in relationships – co-dependency. Co-operation with the employer, your business or business partners. Alkoholbehandleren.dk also treats underlying or related issues like low self-esteem, stress, anxiety, depression, job and career.


Alcohol abuse treatment while you work


Alkoholbehandleren.dk offers individual consultations during daytime, so you can continue your daily work, obligations and life. At the same time you can keep in contact with your valuable relations while you participate in your alcohol abuse treatment program. They matter to you, your helth, the alcohol abuse treatment program - and you matter to them.


Who can be a client for alcohol abuse treatment


At Alkoholbehandleren.dk you do not need to be an alcoholic. In fact it is better to start the alcohol abuse treatment as soon as possible. Some clients drink a lot and some little alcohol. Some constant, some at night or weekends, some drink periodically and some alone. For some it is primarily problematic. For others it is at health and other serious risks or problems incl. the risk of getting physical dependent on alcohol. For some it is not a problem for themselves, but the partner, family, children and friends or employer, colleges and customers. Some have jobs or other liabilities where just the unfreshnesses or hangovers poses a health, security or financial risk - for others as well as themselves. You are welcome at Alkoholbehandleren.dk, no matter what your situation is. Below at this page you find a free alcohol abuse test / alcohol addiction test, if you want to test yourself before you call.


For whom is alcohol a problem


Generally it is no a shame to have a problem, but it is a shame not to do anything about the problem. And if just one in the system or field suffers or have a problem with the drinking or the way of drinking incl. the various consequences, then the whole field and system suffers. Therefore Alkoholbehandleren.dk takes any kind alcohol problem seriously.


The concept of alcohol abuse treatment


The concept of alcohol treatment at Alkoholbehandleren.dk is based on individualised psychosocial therapy, relapse prevention and harm reduction. The treatment can encompass psychological, physical, social, business, career and existential areas. The overall model is a systemic health model. The work therefore also comprehends the system and the relations.


The method of alcohol abuse treatment


At Alkoholbehandleren.dk substance abuse treatment, alcohol treatment, alcohol abuse treatment, addiction treatment, alcohol addiction treatment, alcohol addiction counselling, alcohol rehab and alcohol rehabilitation are synonyms and the same basic methods are used for the different substances weather it is alcohol or hash / hashish. The method Alkoholbehandleren.dk is based on psychotherapy and coaching. All methodology is evidence based, eclectic, relational, systemic and process orientated. The psychotherapy itself will either be more dynamic or cognitive, according to the needs and reactions of the client. Sometimes psychoeducation is used and at other times the work is more experimental and inductive. Sometimes coaching is used and at other times it is more therapeutic. The style varies between support, confrontation/frustration and leadership/mentoring. The aim is insight and that you take responsibility and control of your life, behaviour and development. In fact the more responsibility you take of your own alcohol abuse treatment, the better results you can achieve. The therapist is only a support. Not two people, situations or processes are alike, therefore the alcohol abuse treatment process is cooperation were you and your focus play the most important part.


References for alcohol abuse treatment and alcohol rehabilitation


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The business model for alcohol abuse treatment


Alkoholbehandleren.dk is a private enterprise and the work is paid directly by the client or the employer. Therefore the service and treatment is fast, efficient, anonymous and individualised. Thus you do not need to pay for services you do not need.


Alkoholbehandleren.dk is either restricted by political, religious or theoretical limitations. The alcohol abuse treatment can therefore focus on your actual and personal needs, values, beliefs and restraints. And the point of departure is your resources and competences.


The treatment model for alcohol abuse treatment


The consultations can be held at the office in Copenhagen or on Skype. Most clients start with two or three introductory and clarifying consultations of 80 min. where the preliminary relation and cooperation between the client and therapist is co-created. At the same time the client and therapist creates an understanding of the core problem and the work needed.


After the initial consultations, the rest of the outline of the alcohol abuse treatment program is designed in a cooperation with the therapist. The best alcohol abuse treatment program is the one, where you can take the most possible responsibility. Therefore you also take active part in decisions and design of your alcohol abuse treatment program. In this way the business model is also integrated with the treatment model - you only need to pay for what you need.


Most clients with a light to moderate abuse / psychological addiction, continue with further six consultations of 80 min. Some clients also add after-treatment or combine with e.g. couples therapy, family therapy, consultations with the employer or personality tests.


Alcohol addiction counselling based on relapse prevention


Results can and may not be promised and the more committed, responsible, ready, focused and hard working you are, the faster you can reach your goals. As soon as you increase your awareness, responsibility, competences and mastery, the more you can expose yourself to alcohol and high risk situations. Setbacks and fallbacks are indeed a part of your learning and the program. Alcohol abuse treatment is about turning your tumbling stones into stepping stones. It is strongly advised that you create understanding of this with your relations so co-dependency and other dysfunctional reactions is avoided.


The management of Alkoholbehandleren.dk


Alkoholbehandleren.dk is driven by Kasper Larsen, who takes care of all international businesses. He has an international business background within business, management, process, consultancy, training, coaching and psychotherapy. His education encompasses a European MBA, an international certification in NLP-coaching, a European examination at EAP and EAGT standards as gestalt psychotherapist and international psychotherapeutical training at e.g. Gatla. Plus certifications in DiSC personality profiles and the Enneagram.


Kasper has worked with adult children of alcoholics and alcohol abuse treatment since 2006 and has experience from Tuba, Blå Kors, Lænken, the social psychiatry and his own practice. At the Blå Kors he created an outpatient program instead of the internment program, where he not only reduced the length of the program by 50%, he also reduced time of treatment by 50%. Kasper primarily works in Danish or English, but the work can also be supported in French, German, Swedish or Norwegian.


Free alcohol abuse and dependency test


Alcohol test in English


Prices for alcohol treatment




Above please find the description of the treatment model and the thoughts behind it. Alcohol problems are individual an so is the solution, below is therefore just a price example. On the front page you find other examples.


The below four package vouchers incl. discount can be combine at your needs, but as above, always start with 2-3 introductory and clarifying consultations. In various combinations, the packages cover about 80% of all situations with light to medium alcohol abuse / psychological addiction. The below prices are in DKK, for therapy and private clients only. Coaching is add 25% VAT.


• 3 introductory and clarifying consultations of 80 min. @ Kr. 1200 = Kr. 3600

• 6 consultations of alcohol treatment of 80 min @ Kr. 1200 = Kr. 7200

• 3 consultations of family or couples therapy of 80 min @ Kr. 1200 = Kr. 3600

• 3 consultations of after-treatment of 80 min @ Kr. 1200 = Kr. 3600




Private clients: A single consultation of 50 min. = Kr. 1000

Private clients: A single consultation of 80 min. = Kr. 1200

The discount of 80 min. consultations in comparison to 50 min. consultations is 25%.


Business clients: A single consultation of 50 min. = Kr. 1200

Business clients: A single consultation of 80 min. = Kr. 1500

The discount of 80 min. consultations in comparison to 50 min. consultations is 22%.


Terms of payment is 5 bank days before the first meeting:

At account in Nordea: 1400 - 6284 529 624 or directly to MobilePay

At the same time the receipt must be emailed.

For other terms see below or please ask.


Contact information for Alkoholbehandleren.dk


For contact information please see under Kontakt in the menu.
At booking or by providing info, the terms and gdpr privacy policy. are accepted.

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